Another Org Mode Blogging Option – org-page

Even though I’ve been posting to via Org2Blog I’m still interested in other blogging options available from within Org Mode. There’s a long list of options here. I started with Org-page for no particular reason other than it looked fairly simple. I’m new to the whole Emacs and Org Mode world so starting simple is better.

Here are some quick notes on what I’ve learned so far.

In my .spacemacs config…

(setq op/repository-directory "~/Sites/notes")   ;; the repository location
(setq op/site-domain "")
(setq op/site-main-title "Notes by Jack Baty")
(Setq op/site-sub-title "Notes on work and play")
(setq op/personal-disqus-shortname "jackbaty")

I created a new repo using…

M-x op/new-repository

This creates and configures a new Git repository. There are two branches.

  • source: This is where the source content lives, all in .org files
  • master: This is where the rendered HTML files are maintained.

The trick is to write and commit on “source” first, then publish using…

M-x op/do-publication

Running do-publication will prompt for a number of options. The answers I use are…

  • Publish all files? n (then accept the following prompt for a git commit, e.g. HEAD^1)
  • Publish to directory? n (this causes the rendered files to be rendered to the master branch)
  • Auto commit? y (commits the rendered HTML files to the Git master branch)
  • Auto push to remote? y (may just as well)

Now I have a static site rendered to HTML files in my Git repo. The final step is to publish them to my web server. I do this using rsync. Here’s the script.


echo -e “33[0;32mDeploying updates to…33[0m” cd ~/Sites/notes

make sure we’re on master since that’s where the HTML files live

git co master

rsync -v -rz –checksum –delete –no-perms /Users/jbaty/Sites/notes/ host:/server/path/to/notes

Switch back to source so we can keep on blogging

git co source

For now, the results can be seen at