Blogging Tools

Chris Bowler:

As mentioned above, I use a collection of tools to get content published to my flat file Kirby install on my Media Temple server. The full list


Chris describes what looks to be a cool and technically fascinating workflow for publishing to his blog (which I enjoy reading). The problem I see is that the number of moving parts seems to be getting out of hand.

I understand how it got this way. It’s fun to set up stuff like this. To tinker. I’ve done it many times. What I’ve learned is that some time later I end up with a fragile mashup of pieces and I’ve forgotten how many of them work.

This is why I went back to MarsEdit and WordPress a while ago. Type, click, done. It’s not sexy and there’s not much to play with, but if I’m being honest about just wanting to “get to the writing” it enables that surprisingly well. I could even remove the MarsEdit component but I won’t because I love it too much.

See also Jeff Taekman’s Writing Workflow 2015. There are at least 11 software components involved there. Sounds like it works for him and that’s great. I’m trying really hard not to fall into that same trap.