Done using offlineimap


I have been using OfflineIMAP, on and off, for a long time. The reason it’s been “on and off” is that once in a while I’ll have some inexplicable problem and give up and just access my IMAP accounts directly. A few months pass and I wonder why I stopped using offlineIMAP and so I update the configuration and the circle begins again.

This time I’m writing it down. I love having all my Gmail messages stored locally in simple text files. This makes things fast and everything works even while offline. That sounds great, but the fact is I’m never offline. I don’t think I’ve taken advantage of that “advantage” even once. Running directly to IMAP isn’t that slow anyway.

I went to bed last night after weeks of everything working fine. First time I tried running offlineIMAP this morning it couldn’t find the Archive folder and everything failed. No new mail for me. Nothing on my end had changed, but things just stopped working. That sort of thing drives me nuts. It’s not worth the fuss, so back to my direct-to-IMAP mutt configuration.