My new microwave has only one button

The microwave I bought 13 years ago (a Sharp Carousel) finally died last week, so I started shopping for a replacement. I wanted something simple. The simpler the better. I mostly just need to reheat leftovers.

I looked at several models recommended by The Sweethome but those fell into the same add-every-feature-we-can-think of trap that I was hoping to avoid. Why do microwaves need so many unnecessary buttons and modes and readouts?

Finally, I found the Sharp Medium Duty Commercial Microwave. Notice anything?


That’s right, it has only one control. No presets, no defrost, no sensors, no carousel, not even a temperature setting. There’s not even a clock. I just turn the dial and it starts cooking! This makes me unreasonably happy. Yes I know other microwaves may only require pushing one button to cook something, but it’s one button out of many. That’s different, and not what I wanted.

But how well does the new one work? Well, I’ve only had it for few days but have used it a half-dozen times and so far I’d say it works perfectly for what I need in a microwave.