The latest New Flickr might be the one that I needed

I’ve been uploading photos to Flickr since 2004. It’s always been my favorite way to share images, even during its dark years when things languished for way too long.

Flickr offers unlimited storage, so I’ve always wanted to upload everything there, but I haven’t. The reason is that the Photostream displays all of my photos (public and private) when I’m logged in, with no easy way of viewing it as other people see it. I’ve worked around this by using a different browser or logging out. This works, but is a pain so I rarely bother. The Flickr mobile app has always allowed me to switch between public and private views, so why not the web app?

The changes Flickr rolled out yesterday are pretty great. They include a better integrated search, newly-designed “home” page, and a “Camera Roll” view which makes organizing and editing groups of photos easy, without needing to resort to using the “Organizer”. Those updates are nice, but my favorite is the ability to filter my Photostream based on each photo’s visibility.

Flickr ui

Now I can upload everything without all those photos polluting my Photostream.