20 frames

I took a few days off and headed to Traverse City. I didn’t spend time deciding which camera to bring, I just grabbed the Nikon F3 and 28mm lens along with a dozen rolls of Tri-X and Portra 400. It felt good. I was ready.

I shot a total of 20 frames using the roll that was already in the camera.

It didn’t help that the weather wasn’t great and we spent a lot of time just driving around sight-seeing from the car. Still 20 frames while traveling for 3 days is disappointing. I can’t even post a photo from the trip yet because I still have 16 more frames to shoot on the roll. If I’d have taken 20 images with the Crown Graphic, that would have been something else. Nope, 20 frames with auto-exposure and a motor drive. Sad.

Maybe I was just having so much fun that stopping to take photos would’ve spoiled the mood. Maybe.