Dropbox (Personal)

A few weeks ago Dropbox notified me that I could have a “Team” Dropbox account in addition to my normal account. This seemed worth checking into, so I went ahead and linked my “Personal” and Team (“Fusionary”) accounts.

What I ended up with was a mess. The original ~/Dropbox folder was replaced by “~/Dropbox (Personal)” and a symlink was created at the original location. There was a new folder, “~/Dropbox (Fusionary)” which was linked to the Team account.

After trying and failing to work the team folder into my process, I wanted to get rid of the team account and folder. No problem, I unlinked the account and deleted the folder. With only a single Dropbox account remaining, I decided I wanted to remove the symlink and rename “~/Dropbox (Personal)” back to just “~/Dropbox”.

This left me with a bunch of broken paths in other apps. I shouldn’t have done any of this. If I were smart, which I’m not, I’d just leave the old symlink in place and live with having everything really in the stupidly-named “~/Dropbox (Peronal)” folder but I refuse to do that. Guess I’ll just fix the broken links as I find them.

Lesson: Don’t change things, and if you do, don’t change them back later.