Imaging, Snapchat and mobile — Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans:

So, you break up your assumptions about the models that you have to follow. You don’t have to save the photos - they can disappear. You’re not paying to process a roll of 28 exposures anymore. You can capture all the time, not just the moment you press the ‘shutter’ button (which, for example, gives us Apple’s live photos). The video doesn’t have to be linear - you don’t have to record just the right bits as though you were splicing a mix tape or recording from live radio.

“You don’t have to save the photos - they can disappear”

I know that wasn’t the point of his post, but dammit I wish people would stop saying it. You don’t have to save all of them, but you sure as hell should save some of them. Or maybe you don’t care that you’ll end up with nothing to show your grandkids.