Leeloo, Nikon F3, Tri-X, HC-110, Pakon and done

Leeloo. Nikon F3. Tri-X in HC-110 (B). 50mm 1.4

Leeloo. Nikon F3. Tri-X in HC-110 (B). 50mm 1.4

Leeloo is beautiful but is not the most photogenic of dogs. It takes work to get a reasonably pleasing shot of her. I like this one.

The photo was taken with the new (to me) Nikon F3 which I’m enjoying very much. It feels like a camera that has just what is needed but no more. Not as minimal as the old Leica’s I’m used to, but the viewfinder is huge and bright and automatic exposure sure comes in handy.

Also, I’m new to developing in HC-110, and I wish I would have discovered it sooner. It’s a syrup that lasts forever and is very easy to mix. Much easier to deal with than D76 and I don’t see a significant difference in the results so far. Another bonus is that with dilution “B” (1:32) it only needs 4:30 in the developer. I scanned this using the Pakon. The time from taking the last frame to posting this shot was under an hour.

  1. Process in HC-110: 4:30
  2. Stop/rinse: 1:00
  3. Fix: 6:00
  4. Wash: 8:00
  5. Dry (in film dryer): 20:00
  6. Scan: 5:00
  7. Process and upload: 2:00

Shooting film is fast and easy, all things considered.