The only thing worse than untangling wired headphones is constantly having to charge and (re)pair wireless headphones.

I hate headphone wires. After I lay them out carefully on my counter, I turn my back for five minutes and when I look again they have become an impossibly-knotty puzzle of wires and ear buds.

And so, I bought fancy Bluetooth headphones in order to free myself of the recurring nightmare of tangled wires.

This would be awesome, except that the wireless headphones always seem to need a charge at random intervals, usually shortly after beginning a long walk. What’s even more frustrating is that they, even more randomly, fail to pair with my iPhone. This drives me nuts. I too-frequently end up standing half-way out the door screaming at the phone because “I just want to listen to some music while I walk, god damn you!”

Honestly, I’d rather deal with the wires.