Slack Is All Hose And No Bucket | Hapgood

Mike Caulfield:

No, my problem with Slack is that it is all hose and no bucket. You can search through conversations and find meaningful facts, but for us, at least, conversation is so easy that it can (and does) erode the impulse to do more end-to-end treatments of things. Community knowledge accretes but never quite pools.

“Community knowledge accretes but never quite pools”. This is exactly the problem I’ve been grappling with. I introduced Slack at Fusionary during the original beta and it’s been fantastic, but like all messaging tools, it sidesteps the need for collating corporate knowledge.

A time-based stream of quick messages offers no coherent whole–no summary derived from the experience.

A Tool like Pingpad is a step in the right direction but it has a long way to go. We need something though.