Keeping things updated is wearing me out

It seems like everything I do requires additional, mostly unnecessary work after I do it.

For example:

When I finish a book I update Goodreads, record it in my media log, and sometimes write a quick blog post about it.

After watching a movie I add it to letterboxd, also record it in my media log, and make sure it’s properly cross-posted everywhere via IFTT.

Once I’ve finished a roll of film or imported an SD card I scan, edit, caption, export, and upload to one or more of SmugMug, Flickr, my photoblog, or Instagram, and in the case of film, I make a contact print in the darkroom and carefully file away the negatives.

Sometimes I wonder if the only reason I do things is so that I can share them. That’s a depressing thought.

It’s exhausting. Can’t I just enjoy doing (and having done) the thing without spending so much time making sure there’s a public record of it?