I now have an account on Manton Reece’s new micro-blogging platform Micro.blog.

Micro.blog is a new social network for independent microblogs.

I’m here: jack.micro.blog. It’s a hosted blog, meaning I can post and host there. It’s a paid option ($5/month) and seems to work well so far. I need this because creating and publishing short, title-less posts using Hugo just isn’t worth the effort yet. I like having a quick and easy web UI for posting.

There’s also a timeline of sorts at micro.blog/jack. I’m not completely clear on the differences between this and jack.micro.blog. I guess I can think of jack.micro.blog as a micro blog that could be anywhere, but happens to be at micro.blog.
It feeds into my micro.blog timeline just like any other RSS-enabled micro blog could. I’m still figuring all this out, and Manton has not yet enabled all of the features so things will probably become clear over time.

I love the idea of publishing somewhere “mine” and having it just flow into Micro.blog and end up as part of both my and others' timelines.

The more tools based on the “open web” we can move into, the better.