Nobody’s Version of Dumb

Sherri Spelic, reacting to a tweet by George Siemens:

I, for one, came because I was looking for others who could help me grow. I was in the market for good writing and good people and I found them. The longer I stayed and the more I engaged, good people found me. Good writing – I mean, strong, critical, robust and also sensitive writing walked right up to me and said, “Hi!” I got involved. I created adjoining spaces and fashioned a new home to welcome some of that rich writing. And I found art, humor, compassion, support, care, and (*praise hands*) Black Twitter. My life has been tremendously enlivened and broadened through my social media connections. I am a smart person who is more open, more aware, more vocal and more critical due to my connections via social media.

I believe that twitter does make some of us dumber. I also find that it can be a wonderful place to discover and interact with intelligent, funny, productive people that I would never have known otherwise. I learn a great deal on Twitter. I laugh, a lot. I swear in anger and frustration. I click things that take me to amazing places.

Things become what you make of them.