Open Letter to Apple - Dave Pell

Dave Pell:

But I’m a grown-ass man. I’m not some punk you can distract by making me ponder which version of black I want on my next iPhone. I want the same keyboard I’ve been getting the hang of for the last decade. I want the same form-factor. I want what’s coming to me. I want the best consumer computing device ever put on a store’s shelf.

I want a new MacBook Air.

You tell him, Dave.

I’ve had one of the fancy new Touch-Bar-having MacBook Pros for a few weeks and it’s a lovely machine. But, what I’d rather have is a slightly-faster MacBook Air with a Retina display. I want the old keyboard and I want real function keys. I want that razor-sharp leading edge and wonderful taper. Maybe we could compromise on the Touch Bar and just give me Touch ID up there in the corner.

I don’t like that the best computer I’ll ever have is the one I can no longer have.

I would also like a new MacBook Air, please.