Participation when using a static website

One of the factors1 causing me to bounce between publishing using a static blog generator (Hugo) and Wordpress is the option to have conversations. To participate.

Wordpress makes this easy with a number of Microformat and Indieweb plugins. Generating, receiving, and displaying comments and Webmentions is easy.

On the other hand, a static site (this one, at the moment) doesn’t provide these tools. Comments are available via JavaScript using things like Disqus but I’d prefer comments to be mine2. I know there has been some movement toward using hooks in Github for comments, but I also don’t want to have to host my site at Github.

Are there any Indieweb tools or techniques for static sites that I should know about?

  1. There are many ↩︎

  2. I honestly may not even want comments on my blog but I want them within my control if I do ↩︎