Resuming my experiment with Known

A month ago, in Pausing my experiment with WithKnown, I wrote that Known was “accidentally a decent IndieWeb-enabled blogging platform”. After a few weeks trying to wrangle Wordpress into a useful IndieWeb platform, I feel differently about Known. Known is a darn fine, simple, and IndieWeb-complete blogging platform. It works so well that there can be nothing accidental about it.

So, as I tend to do, I set up a new site using Known at The theme is simple and posting things couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s very “Tumblr-esque”, which I like for this type of site.

I set up cross-posting to Twitter and Mastodon via easy-to-configure plugins. I connected for bringing Instagram and Twitter likes and replies (webmentions) back into the original posts.

The entire process took maybe an hour and I’m already posting and seeing webmentions. That was easy.