Agenda Mac

2018 08 19 agenda logo

I’ve tried using Agenda for my notes several times and only recently has it “stuck”. Here’s why.

I am not trying to keep everything in it. Agenda doesn’t work for me as an “Everything Bucket” and that’s what I was trying to use it for. Instead, I’m using it only for time-based, project-related notes. Anything that involves specific dates or that could benefit from a nice, chronological history becomes a “project” in Agenda. Agenda’s deep calendar integration is super useful for planning and reviewing.

The “aha!” moment for me was when I realized that each project in Agenda becomes like a little blog for that project. I love blogs! Thinking of project notes this way is helpful, and has prompted me to take better and more consistent notes for work projects.

I’m looking forward to a couple of features that should make Agenda even more useful to me.

  1. The ability to archive projects somehow. I’m currently dumping them into an “Archive” category but that’s not ideal
  2. Inline files and images. I’m nervous that being able to drop files and images directly into notes will become a slippery slope toward the “Everything Bucket” problem, but it certainly can come in handy if used sparingly.