Blue Apron after Five Years

I started receiving meals from Blue Apron five years ago today. For someone who’s been living alone, meal delivery services are wonderful. I hate shopping, I never know what to shop for anyway, and I’m not a great cook. When I do shop I’m forced to buy more than I need and things get thrown away. Or I just buy hot dogs and stuff to make nachos and desserts.

Blue Apron meals are always interesting, colorful, and delicious. They take some work to prepare, though. It seemed like I was always small-dicing what felt like 35 ingredients at every meal. So, I started looking for alternatives.

My sister had been using HomeChef and claimed the meals were super simple. I switched, and she was right. They also offered a two-meal/week plan. Blue Apron was limited to three meals. HomeChef also allowed me to choose between a nice variety of dishes each week. With Blue Apron I just took whatever they sent.

After nearly a year, I checked in on Blue Apron and found that they had made things simpler, now offer a two-meal plan, and have a decent selection of meals to choose from. I switched back and couldn’t be happier.

The photo above is of tonight’s dish, “Tokyo Beef & Rice Bowls with Soft-Boiled Eggs and Roasted Brocolli.” I used their photo here because mine didn’t turn out looking nearly that good, but it was delicious! So good in fact that it prompted me to write this post.

I’m happy to be back with Blue Apron. If you’re looking for a meal delivery service, I’d give the nod to Blue Apron, but you wouldn’t be disappointed with HomeChef either.