Editing Digital Photos Is Fun

Editing photos on the iMac

I’ve been shooting mostly digital lately and I’m learning to really enjoy the process.

It could be simply that I like the novelty of changing things up, but it feels like more than that this time. Here’s what I think is helping make processing digital photos fun again.

  • I bought a fancy new full-frame digital camera and the DNG files are such a pleasure to work with
  • I switched back to Capture One and watched every Capture One video I could find and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it
  • I’m using Affinity Photo in combination with Capture One and it’s just so much more fun than Photoshop
  • I’m more actively posting things to Flickr and Flickr makes me happy
  • I’ve been changing up how I manage all my files (more on this later)

It’s good when things are fun.