I Have Two Blogs and It's Fine

Over the years I’ve switched blogging platforms a dozen times or more. I enjoy tinkering, and a personal blog is a great place for doing that.

The problem is that things frequently break in the transition. I have entire swaths of images missing from 2012. Many of the older posts didn’t convert well and are filled with broken HTML.

I’ve been waffling between a statically-rendered blog using Hugo and a blog running on WordPress. The last few years it’s been back and forth, back and forth. Static, WordPress, Static, WordPress.

To prevent further breakage, I’ve been running both. This blog, baty.net runs Hugo and jack.baty.net runs WordPress. I figured at some point I’d get over my indecision and settle on one of them.

A static blog is fast, easy to host, portable, secure, and permanent. A WordPress blog is flexible, full-featured, and so easy to use. Which to choose!?

At some point recently I stopped worrying about it. I just started posting to whichever one I felt like at the moment. The unofficial intention was that baty.net would be for longer, text-heavy posts and jack.baty.net would be for “micro” posts, links, photos, etc. It’s sort of gone that way, but the rules are pretty loose and I haven’t been over-thinking things the way I usually to.

So right now I have two blogs and it’s fine.