I May Be Stuck With Org-Mode Forever

I’ve been feeling rather point-and-clicky lately, so I decided to move all my tasks to Things and use it for the month of August.

I spent a few hours moving everything out of Org-mode into Things, and it was a terrible idea. Things is great, and the iOS version is one of my favorites on the platform, but I missed Org-mode almost immediately.

It always starts out fine. I “ooh” and “aah” quite a lot, saying, “Now THIS is how a task manager should look! Org-mode is sooo dry and complicated.” And to be fair, Org-mode is dry and complicated. Plain text is boring. Not being able to just drag things around and having to remember 7,500 keybindings instead is complicated and wearisome.

No matter which task manager I use, I end up ignoring what’s in it anyway. It’s counterintuitive, but switching task managers is a very productive process for me, so this hasn’t been a total wash.

There’s just no way I could use anything but Org-mode now. It’s simply too good at everything I want a task manager to be good at. The only thing I miss is a decent iOS option for the iPad. On the other hand, I rarely manage tasks on the iPad anyway, so I’ll be sticking with Org-mode. Probably forever1.

  1. With my usual quarterly attempts to leave it for something else. ↩︎