Lifeproof Case for iPhone

I’ve been going without a case on my iPhone X for a while now. I love a caseless phone. However, I felt I needed to baby it too much so I did a 180 and ordered a Lifeproof FRÄ’. I thought it would be nice to play more fast and loose with the phone, and the Lifeproof is supposed to be all sorts of tough. And it’s waterproof to boot.

Lifeproof case

I was wrong. I put the case on and knew immediately that I’d made a mistake. It ruined one of the best things about the X…the feel of it. The case felt like cheap plastic. Like something I’d grabbed out of the impulse bin at Best Buy. I didn’t expect that, given all the great reviews. I also didn’t like having a screen cover. It was very reflective and felt off somehow.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s a fine case for someone who needs something like it. I sent mine back.