Magnum’s “The Art of Street Photography”

Magnum Photos just announced their first course, "The Art of Street Photography" and I think I’d like to try it.

I often poke fun at "Street Photography" as "a genre invented by people with a camera but without ideas".

That’s unfair, of course, as there are plenty of great photographers whose work can be called "Street Photography". Bresson, Winogrand, Erwitt, Koudelka, Levitt, Moriyama, and so on.

Snark aside, many of my favorite photographs could be considered "Street", and watching a few of the greats from Magnum talk about their process sounds fascinating and informative.

Elliot Erwitt photograph of woman with vegetables that look like breasts in front of her

Elliot Erwitt, Managua, Nicaragua, 1957
Martin Parr photograph of sunbathers near construction equipment
Martin Parr, The Last Resort New Brighton, England. 1983-85
Nils Jorgensen photograph of man at urinals, 1979
Nils Jorgensen, 1979