ThinkPad as iPad


My experiment with Linux has been fun and sometimes frustrating so far. Using only a Tiling window manager to run things on a brand new (to me) OS is wild and wonderful. When I’m not swearing at it, I’m loving it.

The most surprising thing so far is how much I enjoy using the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. I didn’t expect that. It’s nowhere near my 2016 MacBook Pro in terms of pure asthetic or overall fit and finish, but it’s just so much fun to use. In fact, I’ve been grabbing the ThinkPad much more often than my iPad when I’m not at my desk. It feels solid and durable and I don’t worry about tossing it around.

The ThinkPad as a “satellite” device works for me because it’s small enough and light enough and I can actually do everything I need to with it. I don’t feel hamstrung by it the way I do with iOS devices. I know, I know, the iPad can do everything but it doesn’t do Emacs without jumping through hoops so nope.

I wonder how long I’ll feel this way. The novelty of Linux and the ThinkPad will surely wear off, but it feels like more than just that.