Using Flickr for my blog images

I’m considering reversing my “no external dependencies” policy when it comes to my blog. The difficulty of dealing with images when using a static site generator (e.g. Hugo) deters me from posting.

What if I used embedded Flickr photos instead? Like this…

Nikon F3

It’s super easy to copy a photo’s Flickr embed code and paste it into a blog post. Otherwise I have to export from Capture One, copy the file to Hugo’s image folder, copy or remember the filename, and then create a markdown image link in the post. I’ve got this somewhat automated, but still.

Embedding images has the benefit of making Flickr into a sort of CDN. Plus, the images can’t get lost when I inevitably shuffle things around.

But there’s of course one really solid argument against doing this, and that is: “What if Flickr goes away?” It’s a great point, and one I’ve used to convince myself not to embed photos for about fifteen years now. I think maybe it’s safe. Besides, if something should happen to Flickr, I bet I’ll be able to export everything and do some regular expression jiggery pokery to fix it all up.

I think I’ll try it for a while.