Attacking Jack Dorsey

I’m no fan of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. I don’t agree with how he’s handled the many serious issues plaguing Twitter, but my opinion of him doesn’t border on the hysterical. I think he’s a flawed person with an impossible job. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have the same reaction to the Huffington Post Interview as so many others did.

Bias is powerful, and when you’re predisposed to dislike someone, it’s easy to want to give a high five and say “Sick Burn, Ashley!” after reading the interview.

I was ready to do the same thing, but I didn’t see it. The interview feels like she’s waiting to yell “Neener neener, I got ya!” the whole time and that’s disappointing.

I like that she tried to get Jack to talk specifics, I just don’t like how she did it.

“Don’t @ me”