Resurrecting (for now)

There are two things that cause me to occasionally abandon this blog at for something else.

The first is friction. Hosting with Hugo is wonderful, but posting can feel like more trouble than it’s worth. That’s when things like Blot or WordPress start to look tempting.

The second is boredom. I love trying new things, so whenever I find some new blogging tool, I trick myself into thinking “This is the one, for real this time!”

So, I stop posting here and add a message letting my handful of readers know where I’ve gone. Of course then I find myself looking something up here that I know I posted some time in the past 15 years and poking around and wondering why I ever left.

Since re-discovering ox-hugo - Org to Hugo exporter, I’ve found ways to reduce the friction of publishing posts. And I love writing in Emacs and Org-mode.

All this to say that I’ve dusted off, re-jiggered my Hugo setup, and will be posting here again for a while.