Still (maybe) sticking with Dropbox

In July I wrote that I’d be Sticking with Dropbox. This is still true, but a couple things happened recently that have me thinking about it again.

A handful of files I put into a shared folder never showed up in one of the other person’s copy of the folder. She asked me about them, I looked and saw them. She didn’t. Then suddenly they appeared. This was nearly 3 weeks after I originally shared them. It’s like they were stuck somehow.

The second thing that happened is Syncthing. Dropbox feels janky on Linux. I installed Syncthing on all my machines (Linux and Mac) and it was super simple and worked perfectly right off the bat. I love that I can pick and choose top-level folders to share and with which machines. It’s pretty nice.

I’m once again in that spot I’ve been trying to avoid…some files in Dropbox and some in Syncthing. I think I have a decent plan this time, though. I’ve been moving directories from Dropbox to Syncthing one at a time (there are only a few that I worry about).

So far, so good. I’m still using Dropbox, but I’m not as certain of its future as I used to be.