Dusting off Baty.net

I did an internet search and clicked on a result and ended up here at baty.net.

I liked the way the page looked. I liked how simple it was and how quickly it loaded. The whole thing reminded me that using Hugo and the Jane theme made for an enjoyable reading experience, even it’s a more difficult publishing experience. This made me wonder if I was still able to build and deploy the site. And that made me wonder if I should move it to Netlify while I was in there.

The answer to both was “Yes”. This of course made me nostalgic for a nice static site and even more so for my nice, static site. So, I cleaned up the navigation, updated the /now and /about pages, wrote this post, and re-deployed.

I guess this means I’m dusting off baty.net. I don’t have plans to post here regularly, but then again I no longer have plans not to.