New theme: CodeIT

The same thing, but different

The theme I’ve used for this site, LoveIt, is no longer being maintained. This isn’t that big a deal, but I prefer to have someone keeping an eye on things and making small fixes and improvements.

An earlier fork, uBlogger, strayed to far from the original (see this post).

A new fork showed up recently: CodeIT, and they’ve been updating it and fixing little issues, so I decided to follow along.

First I had to remove the old theme, which was a git submodule…

git submodule deinit -f themes/LoveIt
rm -rf .git/modules/themes/LoveIt/
git rm -f themes/LoveIt

Then I added the new theme as a submodule…

git submodule add themes/codeit

Of course after this the site wouldn’t build due to some missing content errors. I’d tweaked my old theme with some template conditionals to solve this, but decided to fix it for real this time.

There were entries with not content, empty tags definition, etc. I spent a couple hours finding and fixing these, and now the site renders just fine.

Feels good to clean things up once in a while.