RSS and the pleasure of not thinking - Dr. Drang

Dr. Drang:

Honestly, it’s the “not thinking” part that’s the best. Over the 35 years I’ve been a computer user, way too much of my time has been spent thinking about the “right” software to buy. Some of this has been forced on me—when an app or service stops working, there’s no way to avoid thinking about the alternatives—but a lot has been self-inflicted. It’s nice to have one part of my computing life that’s stable and should continue to be stable for years to come.

I can’t even imagine how nice it must be to have some part–any part–of my process be that stable. Although I have been using NetNewsWire fairly consistently for a long time, so maybe I do have one example.

Also, posting this to my blog of 20 years is encouraging. Sure, I’ve used different tools to get the job done, but it’s the same “place”, you know?