FeedDemon is exactly that

Three days ago I began searching for a better RSS aggregator.

Sharpreader was getting goofy on me, RSS Bandit was goofy and wouldn’t

let me use the system browser for links and the others were either

web-based, which is too slow, or for the wrong platform. I was

about to give up when I was reminded of Nick Bradbury’s upcoming FeedDemon. You remember

Nick, he’s the guy who originally wrote what is now Homesite and also

the great TopStyle CSS editor. The first FeedDemon beta was just

released, and it just may be what I was looking for. Here’s what I


  1. Very well-done interface (for Windows anyway)
  2. Support for password-protected feeds
  3. Organization of feeds into “Listings”
  4. “News Bins” as a way of sort of bookmarking feed posts from
multiple sites
  1. Support for using the system default browser instead of only

What I don’t like…

  1. It took me too long to grok the terms “Listing” and “Channel.” This
might be fine for folks new to RSS feeds, but I would have preferred

something like "Feed" and "Feed Group" instead.
  1. I’d prefer the old collapsible-folder-hierarchy metaphor for listing
and organizing feeds.
  1. The listing Newspaper seems unnecessary to me, but hey, it doesn’t
really get in the way – much

It is the only current aggregator for Windows that looks and feels

finished. There are still a few bugs, but it’s in beta, so I’m sure

they will be taken care of before 1.0. Nice work Nick!