Why can’t I find Mozilla Firebird?

I keep preaching the benefits of Mozilla Firebird, and for good reasons. The trouble begins when I actually convince someone to try it. Great! Go to mozilla.org and, oh wait, can’t find a link there. Try the projects page. No link there either? Well there’s always Google. How about mozillafirebird.org? That’s got to work right? Well it doesn’t. Or at least it didn’t until now. I registered mozillafirebird.org .net and .com not 5 minutes ago. I’ll create a nice page pointing to the Mozilla Firebird project page for those folks who try hitting the obvious domain. Should be available in a day or two. Yes, I know that the roadmap says that the name Mozilla Firebird is temporary and will change right after Mozilla hits 1.4, but I’ll bet in the ensuing confusion folks call it “Mozilla Firebird” for at least another year or so.