Guardian judges Kindle – misses

From The Guardian

Here’s why. If people stop buying papers and buy Kindles (and, of course, future e-book readers) instead, they’ll need to be able to feed them. They’ll do that at home in the morning via their broadband connection, or on the station platform (perhaps to get that very latest update with audio and video) via its Wi-Fi, or from a mobile network. The content sources are as vast as the web; the distribution sources, limited to telecoms companies. Without the latter, your Kindle or its kith and kin is just a pricey place to rest your morning coffee. You pay for your broadband. You pay (probably) for the Wi-Fi. You pay for the 3G connection.

Am I missing something or does he base this entire piece on the fact that he believes you need a Wi-Fi connection in order to download content to the Kindle? (UK availability aside)

One of us is confused.