Some text-based things today

A couple times a year I find myself in an all-text-for-all-things mood and today was one of those days. This is different from my similar put-everything-in-emacs mood, as it involves neither Emacs nor Org Mode.

So today I dusted off my configurations for the following:

  • Tmux - Used for keeping an eye on a bunch of terminal apps at once.
  • Taskwarrior - A favorite CLI-based task manager. Powerful yet simple.
  • WeeChat - I want to love IRC but I don’t use it much lately. Still, it’s fun to bring it back once in a while.
  • jrnl - Command line journaling. I used this for a while back in 2015 and thought it was time for another look.

And this one is new to me:

  • twtxt - A “Decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.” Seemed interesting to try.

The last time a text-based workflow took hold of me was back in 2015. The wheel turns ‘round.