Moving sites around

This is just me taking notes about where stuff is and where it’s going, server-wise.

Running Cloudron has been a great experience, but I don’t know that I can swing the $30/month fee for the convenience. Rumor has it that they are working on a more palatable pricing structure for personal use. I’ll look forward to that, but for now…

I’ve spun up a fresh EC2 instance and installed and moved a few things from other servers.

First, everything is served using v2 of the Caddy web server. Caddy is delightful and simple. Automatic HTTPS, Markdown rendering, one-line reverse proxying, and it’s written in Go so there’s just a single binary to manage.

I’ve moved the static sites and there so far.

I’ve moved my Gitea instance. Gitea is also written in Go so that was pretty easy. I’m using Sqlite for the Gitea database, which keeps things simple.

Up next is node.js for my wiki. The wiki is the only thing remaining on that instance so once it’s moved I can delete the instance.

For now I’m leaving Ghost ( and Lychee ( on Cloudron since I get two apps there for free.

I recently mirrored the defunct blog and dropped it into an S3 bucket with a CloudFront distribution in front of it (for SSL). I may want to move that into a static site on the new instance, just to help keep things together.

This leaves me with two EC2 instances, one for Cloudron and one for the stuff I manage myself. The self-managed one is currently sized at t3.small but I bet I could get away with a t3.micro instance so I may size that down if I decide to keep Cloudron.

It’s fun to tidy things up once in a while.