Org-roam is a new Emacs package by Jethro Kuan. Here’s his blog post introducing org-roam.

I’ve a feeling this is going to be something. I’ve been using Roam for a while now and it’s wonderful. Easy linking between pages/notes and automatic bi-directional linking with context is so great.

All this Roam use made me start feeling less interested in keeping notes in Org mode. Gasp! Putting notes in Roam pays immediate dividends. Putting those same notes in Org mode just gets me some text I can find later if necessary. I’m exaggerating a little, but still.

Org-roam attempts to inject some of Roam’s best features into Org mode. Here’s the summary…

Org-roam is a rudimentary Roam replica in Org-mode. This project intends to adaptively implement the core features of Roam in org-mode and eventually introduce newer features suitable for the Emacs ecosystem. It offers a non-hierarchical note-taking approach which is effortless yet powerful. Note-taking becomes fluent and easy when you don’t have to worry about where a particular note should go: you just start writing from anywhere about anything.

Here’s what it looks like while I’m editing the file…

Org-roam screenshot

That window on the right is automatically generated by Org-roam based on links to from other files. It shows an outline of references along with a bit of context. This is so useful!

Org-roam is under active development and I can’t wait to see where it goes.