Microblogging status

I didn’t think I needed a microblog but I think I need a microblog. I like writing short posts and sharing random images and links. These don’t need titles or tags or other meta data. They’re just throw away thoughts, but I wouldn’t mind if they were preserved just the same.

Here are my options:

  1. Post everything, including short (microblog) posts at jack.baty.net
  2. Continue using snippets.baty.net
  3. Use Micro.blog
  4. Use Mastodon
  5. Just use Twitter and be done with it

I don’t like the chatter or the hassle of dealing with title-less posts on my main blog, so that’s out.

I like the control and flexibility of WordPress but it’s too heavy for just a microblog. Also, it lends itself to non-stop tweaking. Plus, I don’t feel like babysitting another WordPress install. So then snippets.baty.net is out.

Mastodon is almost the right thing but the iOS apps never seem to work well enough. For example, I like Amaroq but I can’t post photos with it for some reason. My RSS feed from Mastodon includes any replies, which makes for a lot of unwanted noise when syndicating elsewhere. I may revisit this later.

Using Twitter would be great except that it’s, well, Twitter.

Although each has its pros and cons and I change my mind a lot, for now I’m going to run with Micro.blog and cross post to Twitter.

  • The iOS app is nice and getting better.
  • It’s basically a static site rendered for me and I love the idea of static sites
  • I can easily get things out of it
  • I don’t have to maintain anything
  • It’s all very IndieWeb friendly so that’s a bonus.

I’m starting it back up again at micro.baty.net.